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What are the basic characteristics of glass lining reactor

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:41:05 Read:
Along with the development of the industry, there are many manufacturer of glass lining reactor appeared one after another, the gap is not small, and should give priority to win customer's heart, you need to glass lining reactor has the following basic features:
A, structure,
Glass lining reactor structure is basically the same, in addition to the reaction kettle in vitro, and transmission device, stirring and heating or cooling devices, etc., can improve the heat transfer conditions, the reaction temperature control more even, does not strengthen mass transfer process.
Second, the operating pressure
Glass lining reactor operating pressure is higher.The pressure inside the tank is formed by the chemical reaction or by temperature, pressure fluctuation is bigger, sometimes unstable operation, the sudden pressure may be more than a few times the normal pressure, therefore, most of the reaction kettle belongs to pressure vessel.
Third, operating temperature
Glass lining reactor operating temperature is higher, usually chemical reaction carried out in a certain temperature conditions, so the glass lining reactor under pressure and temperature.
The manufacture of glass lining reactor is both difficult and profit point, for glass lining reactor, the only head start on the above several basic characteristics, can have a better application in work in the future.