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How to solve the corrosion of chemical equipmen

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:36:41 Read:
In the chemical industry, corrosion resistance is a long-term problem in the chemical industry development, especially in chemical equipment from corrosion situation, can produce damage to the equipment, then how can we solve this kind of corrosion, small make up to everyone with a recruit:
(1) the corrosion of the major causes of chemical equipment can be classified into two categories: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion.The former refers to the machinery of the medium in contact with the metal surface and its chemical reaction happens, kept expanding etched surface, chemical equipment is damaged;The latter refers to metal materials and electrolyte solution oxidation reaction.These two approaches of chemical equipment corrosion degree is quite serious.
(2) by improving the chemical equipment materials to reduce or avoid the happening of corrosion phenomena.Nowadays, the innovation of the chemical equipment preparation is expected to make this problem be solved.Using high anticorrosion polypropylene material chemical equipment main body, not only save the material, its good physical properties to solve the corrosion problem in the process of equipment operation, effectively extend the service life of the equipment.
Chemical equipment in domestic has started production at present, but still have limitations, its development has not been widely accepted, the product form is single, so, if you want to use chemical equipment have anticorrosive, is the first time to master.