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Large glass lining equipment needs increase

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:41:57 Read:
"After decades of development and the fierce competition test, glass lining equipment manufacturing industry in China has been increasingly mature, development speed will gradually flatten out, a from quantity expansion to quality of a new round of strategic shift has quietly come."China chemical equipment association, jiangsu Yang Yang, deputy director of the glass lining equipment branch of chemical equipment manufacturing co., LTD., chairman of Zhu Xiao, and puts forward the transformation of China's glass lining equipment manufacturing problems.
In recent years, glass lining equipments has become the fastest growing demand in chemical equipment industry, one of the most active industry.At present, the country about glass coating equipment and accessories manufacturing enterprises more than 200, including about a decade or two on the size of the enterprises, the annual output of various types of glass lining equipments about 80000 tons.
In order to adapt to the oil and chemical industry, medical and other requirement of the new change, under the condition of the market competition intensifying, glass lining equipment manufacturing enterprises in China began to a state of mind.The whole industry presented by devotion to production, quantity, output growth in the past, step by step to improve product quality, improve product added value;Enterprise mode of production by the past factory co, even a small cottage, gradually to the base, the park transformation.
Jiangsu Yang Yang chemical equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Invested 100 million yuan, covers an area of 200 acres of industrial parks will be built in the end of the year.According to Zhu Xiao and chairman of the board of directors, the company take the lead in using the foreign advanced punching technology in counterparts in the country, can not only improve the product quality, and reduce the production cost, ensures that the yield of glass lining equipments.At present, the company has made successful 30000 litres of large size reaction tank, and replace the imports, also take advantage of the price, the products in southeast Asia, the Middle East and African markets.
In recent years, with oil and chemical industries for large size glass lining equipment needs of growing and increasingly intense competition in the market, put forward the implementation of brand strategy, Yang Yang company with international competitiveness, participated in international competition in the brand development strategy.The company clearly put forward: to create the famous brand product, famous brand in China within five years, product specification development to more than 50000 litres of;To create the well-known trademark in China for 10 years, product specification development to more than 80000 liters, sales tripled.
For this, the company will implement the strategy of technical innovation, using the foreign advanced step by step firing technology and porcelain glaze formula, by its own technical strength, in the process, technology, plan adjustment, improve the overall performance of the product, glass lining equipments, various performance was developed to meet user needs.Second, to implement the strategy of technology development, and actively digesting and absorbing advanced foreign technology, as well as the glass lining equipment to further increase the technical inputs, series of varieties, improving product technology content, reach the level of foreign and domestic advanced level.3 it is to implement the strategy of quality improvement.Using existing quality management system, strengthen quality management and quality assurance, at the same time to strengthen customer service, improve customer satisfaction, quality brand, creating excellent products.