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Enamel reaction tank production Precautions

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-09-29 15:41:30 Read:
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To introduce you to the production of enamel reaction tank Caution
1, requires strict accordance with enamel reaction tank production process flow, it can not be changed without permission.
2, equipment repair tires. Before enamel reaction cans were spray enamel, it must first carcass enamel reaction tank will be carefully examined, enamel process for places do not meet the timely changes.
3, lining the bottom of the glaze firing. Boring burning end of the glaze is sprayed onto the enamel reaction tank, you must be sure to keep uniform. Then dried sugar burn even after the end of the glaze spray may be used natural drying and baking dry. Slowly progressive drying during baking to dry to prevent cracking glaze layer lining the bottom burning. When enamel lining reaction tank bottom glaze firing sintering temperature is preferably controlled at 960 ~ 980 ℃. When the sintering time to master, if time is insufficient, resulting in poor adhesion; however, for too long will burn the bottom of the glaze. If firing failed, enamel reaction tank can be grinding. If the burn is serious, it can be re-sprayed one end of the glaze, but it must not be too thick.
4, the bottom tire requirements. Can be divided into the following few: enamel reaction tank bottom tread surface should be smooth, it must not appear scars; for enamel reaction tank bottom surface of the tire bead must be straight, neat, not too thick seam weld joints to smooth; enamel reaction tank welding seam to be polished.
5, the lining burn surface glaze. The thickness of the surface glaze layer of enamel reaction tank is generally about 2mm, you can spray spraying three times to four times the surface enamel glaze, and should be checked once every spray, ensure no dark bubbles, pinholes, if there is to To be repaired, in some places even a bottom spray enamel.
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