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The pot of polishing processing

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:36:14 Read:
Due to the complexity of the pot of casting molding, new appearance, low cost, coupled with the late polishing processing, has been more and more widely used, polishing processing is essential to the pot molding process and a link, let's to look at in detail:
(1) the pot if there are oxide layer on metal surface, the surface of skin, weld defect and adhesion of oil contamination in the process of machining, etc., will affect the quality of lining to burn, so must be polished.
(2) the polish generally on the grinding machine or by hand wheel.Polishing requirement is the pot on the weld slope smooth, sharp edges and corners rounded, grinding to the scale and clip peel, reveal the essence of the pot;
(3) sometimes enamel pot exceeds standard, the carbon content is also disposed of by high temperature surface grinding way to compensate;
(4) polishing bottom tire surface can be rough, increase the surface free energy and the specific surface area, thus improve the bottom tire metal glaze and at the end of the secret.
In addition, the pot after the damage, need professional operation in order to make its restore ecru.