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Glass coating, the aging causes for corrosion to occur in the reaction kettle

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:34:11 Read:
In the chemical industry, corrosion, aging is a problem in the user for a long time, especially on the glass lining reactor is particularly obvious, to solve the problem of the series, the first thing to know what are the reasons that cause the:
1, glass lining reactor can be used in the 200 ℃, and the auxiliary seal contact parts of the corrosion, mechanical sealing ring, shaft sleeve, static ring and static ring, give the contact of metal shaft sleeve, ring and static ring and the sealing body such as corrosion caused by the special.
Main form 2, glass lining reactor seal failure, namely, corrosion, heat loss, wear and installation and operation factors such as the cause of the failure.Kettle with mechanical seal after the collapse of no scratches and wear, so you can eliminate sealing surface physical injury reasons.
3, considering the sealed cavity crystal and rust is more, at the same time, combined with the mechanical seal failure of performance, preliminarily determine the transport medium easy crystallization and corrosion is the main cause of seal failure.
Glass lining reactor corrosion and aging is a long-standing problem, only the search the source of the problem, then built to problems, so as to improve the glass lining reactor corrosion and aging problem.