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The operation of glass lining reactor

ZIBO DEWOJIN TRADING CO.,LTD. Date:2015-07-09 15:35:01 Read:
With the development of industrial enterprises, glass lining reactor has deep into our life, become the important equipment, we are inseparable greatly help in our work, the production, in the use of glass lining reactor, need to pay special attention to the following:
1, is strictly prohibited in the process of using temperature quenching, heat, so as not to damage the surface of glass lining reactor.
2, glass lining reactor and heat-resistant snap (that is, the reaction kettle temperature and heating or cooling medium temperature difference) between for: thermal shock 100 ℃ or less and cold shock 90 ℃ or less.
In a 3, steam heating, should first put a net of the water in the jacket.
4, open the steam or cooling water inlet valve, an one-off full open, access to advance to the jacketed pressure at about 0.1 MPa, stay a few minutes, then divide second slowly open the inlet valve, in order to prevent cold and hot shock damage to the equipment.
5, glass lining reactor heating (or cooling) speed should be keep in 3 ℃ / min, the largest shoulds not be more than 5 ℃ / min.
Glass lining reactor is indispensable anti-corrosion chemical industry equipment, it has special applications in all walks of life, of course, the use of glass lining reactor also has certain risk, but if you always pay attention to these matters, will be able to effectively avoid risk when using.